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RigMaster Power has been a long-standing supplier of premium stand-alone APU’s to the Transportation Industry since 1993.

As a pioneer in the APU industry and working closely with knowledgeable suppliers; RigMaster has applied their experience to choosing quality brand name components and developing a product that delivers performance, value, and dependability.

From design to production through to the final testing process before delivery, RigMaster’s industry specialists and technical experts work together to build the premium, auxiliary power unit that is synonymous with the RigMaster® name.

Turn off your engine and turn on a RigMaster. Higher fuel prices, reduced truck engine efficiencies due to changing EPA requirements, and the adoption of ULSD have all worked to create a challenging operating environment for fleets and owner operators. The RigMaster APU will relieve growing operating costs and stabilize the risks of a volatile market.

RigMaster Power is a complete stand-alone Auxiliary Power Unit that runs all night on what your idling truck engine burns in two hours.

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Features & Benefits

We understand the harsh environments that APU’s must operate in. It is our focus and attention to detail combined with quality components that separate RigMaster from all the others. RigMaster uses quality components from leading manufacturers designed for the Heavy Duty Truck Market.

Designed for The Long Haul, the RigMaster comes with a 1 year/2,000 hour warranty or an optional 2 year/4,000 hour warranty.

RigMaster offers the fastest installation time in the industry. RigMaster’s non-integrated three-component design means installation takes half the time of other APU’s. RigMaster’s flexible mounting options will accommodate all Class 8 trucks and can be located on either side of the truck and behind fairings with NO drilling of the frame required.

The 6kW generator provides convenient electrical power for in-cab accessories and can power your engine block heater for easier cold weather starting. The 6000W of power comes from a belt driven generator, not an inverter, which will protect both batteries and alternators. You can stay safe, comfortable and well-rested for another day on the road.

RigMaster’s 60 Amp DC Alternator will charge your truck batteries eliminating the costs of expensive “Jump Starts” and put more money into your bottom line.

The RigMaster also offers AutoStart features for added convenience and savings:

  • Low battery start-up: You’ll never have to worry about whether or not the truck will start after an extended absence.
  • Date and time AutoStart programming: Allows you to start the RigMaster before you get in to warm up or cool down the cab or to power the block heater for easier engine starts in cold weather.
  • Automatic temperature control start-up/shut down: This is a great feature for even more fuel savings during extended absences in extreme weather.

Year-Round Power

RigMaster’s automotive-style heat and A/C system do not consume ANY of the 6,000W of hotel load power available to the driver while other APU’s climate control systems consume 75%-100% of the available 120v power.

Easy Maintenance

The RigMaster APU was designed for easy servicing, utilizing components designed for the heavy duty truck market and includes these trouble-free maintenance features:

  • 1000 hour maintenance intervals
  • Self-tensioning serpentine belt for easy maintenance
  • In-cab electrical outlet contains GFI Breaker for easy power reset
  • Consumer parts commercially available

Greater Temperature Operating Range

The RigMaster APU has been tested at 130°F and at an elevation of 1,200ft. Its dual fan set-up eliminates overheating conditions common with other products. The heavy duty air filter utilizes outside air. The RigMaster is now available with a new high-efficiency compressor for improved cooling.


Q. Why should I buy RigMaster Power?

A. RigMaster Power is the only stand-alone self-contained auxiliary power unit on the market.

Q. What is meant by stand-alone?

A. RigMaster Power does not share the truck's coolant or freon system; therefore, a loss of coolant or freon will not affect your ability to operate your vehicle.

Q. Does RigMaster Power have a generator or do I have to buy an inverter?

A. RigMaster Power has a 6,000 watt 120v generator. You do not need the extra expense of an inverter.

Q. How much fuel does RigMaster Power use?

A. At full load, RigMaster Power uses 2/10 of a gallon (one litre) of fuel per hour.

Q. What about power for RigMaster Power? Won't it "kill" my batteries?

A. Just the opposite! While we do use the truck's battery system to start RigMaster Power, it has its own 60 amp DC alternator to charge your batteries.

Q. How will I get my main engine started in the morning? It seem I'll also have to buy a diesel fired coolant heater.

A. RigMaster Power has its own 120v generator. Simply plug the power cord into your truck block heater receptacle.

Q. What about noise?

A. RigMaster Power is extremely quiet. We have been told time and again by RigMaster Power owners that this is the quietest 2-cylinder generator set on the market. We've used the best sound-reducing material available. In addition, RigMaster's dome-shaped front cover is designed to "seal in" noise.


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