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The Best Solution to Engine Idling.

Idling a tractor engine for in-cab comfort is extremely costly. It increases fuel costs, engine hours and wear. This leads to an increase in service cost and engine maintenance. With Dynasys auxiliary power, you can shut down your engine, maintain your comfort and reduce operating costs.

Externally mounted on the truck rail, Dynasys is protected in its own rugged, weatherproof Stainless Steel enclosure and operates using the truck's fuel supply. This diesel-electric system provides dependable comfort for the driver during down times, reduces emissions and dramatically lowers fuel costs during idle.

Dynasys APU utilizes R134a hermetic-style A/C and electric heating to provide year-round comfort. The 6000W power comes from a belt driven generator (not an inverter which can be harmful to both batteries and alternators). The Dynasys APU is designed for easy servicing utilizing components specifically engineered for heavy-duty applications.

Easy Maintenance:

  • Service intervals match the truck's maintenance schedule
  • Removable cover provides easy access to all maintenance items
  • 1,000 hour oil change interval
  • Self-tensioning serpentine drive system

The Dynasys Features & Benefits:

  • Independent Design- Dynasys APU is completely independent of the truck system
  • Rugged Stainless Steel Enclosure- Resistant to corrosion under almost all conditions
  • Driven by a 2 Cylinder, 12 hp, liquid-cooled Yanmar diesel engine
  • Durable Hermetic A/C- a long-lasting maintenance free system with a beltless compressor and shore power compatibility
  • 12,000 BTU's Heat & A/C Keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer
  • One Touch Control Panel- easy to use microprocessor interface
  • Auto Start Functions
  • Low Voltage Startup- monitors batteries to avoid costly jump starts and road side assistance from alternator failures. The batteries are charged with the 55 amp alternator
  • Equipped with a 6KW 50 Amp 120 V generator that is tied to two receptacles
  • Comfort Control- allows effective and efficient start/stop to maintain desired internal temperature and achieve maximum fuel savings
  • Programmable Time & Date- allows pre-warming/cooling of the truck's cab and engine
  • Compact Design- less than 20 inches of frame rail space is needed
  • Fast installation times

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