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Rig Master Parts

RigMaster Power has been a long-standing supplier of premium stand-alone APU’s to the Transportation Industry since 1993.

As a pioneer in the APU industry and working closely with knowledgeable suppliers; RigMaster has applied their experience to choosing quality brand name components and developing a product that delivers performance, value, and dependability.

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From design to production through to the final testing process before delivery, RigMaster’s industry specialists and technical experts work together to build the premium, auxiliary power unit that is synonymous with the RigMaster® name.

Turn off your engine and turn on a RigMaster. Higher fuel prices, reduced truck engine efficiencies due to changing EPA requirements, and the adoption of ULSD have all worked to create a challenging operating environment for fleets and owner operators. The RigMaster APU will relieve growing operating costs and stabilize the risks of a volatile market.

RigMaster Power is a complete stand-alone Auxiliary Power Unit that runs all night on what your idling truck engine burns in two hours.

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